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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)



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2 Joana  
While reading your story I thhguot about my life. I can describe with every MJ or JJ record what I was going through.My daughter was introduced to MJ when she was three years old. The day he died and its so touching she stopped looked at the news..went and played with her dolls until .the music came on. I became a born again Christian and didn't play secular music anymore. This day I allowed it. When she heard Billy Jean..she dropped her dolls and ran to the tv. She saw the dance and too late ..she was caught up in the rythym and charm of MJ. Yep just like her mom bit by the MJ bug She's five and knows mostly all of his music. She has a computer from her grandmom and learned how to pull up his music on You Tube. I thhguot she would get freaked out about his changing appearance and didn't even phase her. She recognized him and still loved him see children don't look at the appearance of a person and decide to like them they look at the heart and soul of a person and decide to love them something like when we were kids we fell in love with the artist first by hearing them..knowing their heart and then we saw them on a photo or on TV.Race didn't matter because we love KC and the Sunshine Band way before we knew he was white . I get sad when I see pictures of him surrounded by caucasians because he couldn't see himself in he changed and they encouraged it and later called him a freak behind his back. If he stayed around us he would have been light but he would have kept the bad look and not gone any further. He realized the sad truth that he was black when Lisa Marie Presley refused to have children by him

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1 mihai  

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